REVIEW | Breaky Boxes – From The Shelter


In the space of 4 years, indie trio Breaky Boxes have been making waves in their home country of France, with their latest of multiple achievements being crowned the winners of the Sziget Festival. But do they actually live up to all the established hype? Their most recent EP – From The Shelter – says yes.

Land Of Brothers makes for a superb opener; the chorus is memorable, especially with the combined guitars, and it does a lot to promote positivity and fervor. Million Brave Heroes is another grand number loaded with fine harmonies and pulling the listeners with great writing.

I Feel Good goes in a somewhat bluesy direction, with this owed to sweet chords and a catchy rhythm, while Come Back Home is certainly more folk-oriented in its sound. They unwind for the more Down’s Up, before wrapping up with the highly emotional climatic track, Farewell.

A stunning effort that undisputably justifies Breaky Boxes’ success. Mature, gripping and varied, From The Shelter is a wonderful record through and through.

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