REVIEW | Avante – Divergence


Glasgow rockers Avante are a band that crop up in my radar now and again, although not doing anything particularly significant. That is until recently, when they released their debut album – Divergence.

Glory Hounds kicks it off in jubilant fashion, setting the bar high pretty early; maintained with the avid You Are Off, topped off by a blend of passionate harmonies. The guitars are in full motion in the massive True Colours, while Clocks is a solid piece with a cool drum-happy finish.

Crux has a very smooth rhythm at it’s core, and Raptures starts quietly before breaking out into a fun and catchy number. Following the decent The Others, the energy is elevated with Spaces, featuring strong riffs and hardy beats.

Running is packing a large, memorable chorus that is tailor made for audience participation at gigs, and Islands serves as a hell of a finale, going at a medium pace to begin, taking it down a notch, and finally bringing it up for a rip-roaring finish.

From out of nowhere, Avante have delivered one of the biggest sleeper hits of the year so far. A cracking compilation with a tight production quality to match the standard of the material on show.

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