REVIEW | Wheel – The Divide


If you consider yourself a keen fan of prog rock and are in the mood to discover something new, then I have just the band for you – Finnish quartet Wheel, who are set to release their latest EP, The Divide.

From literally the first second of Please, they catch the listener’s attention with a deep, sturdy bass line, and from there the piece perfectly builds and only gets better. The harmonies are crisp and durable, and the drums have a hefty, resounding force behind them.

Pyre escalates the energy, whilst beefing up the rhythm and delivering slick, intricate riffs. They tone it down for It’s Over Now, where the vocals are again great and the lyrics get to properly shine.

The Divide is a thoroughly staggering, damn near flawless record with a trio of numbers that not only diversify from each other and bring their own individual qualities, but are packed with so much depth and complexity.

Wheel deserve much more recognition for their obvious abilities that are on full display here, and I cannot recommend this EP enough.



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