REVIEW | The Lightness Of Being – Diversions


Alternative rock quartet The Lightness of Being have been a part of the London music scene for eight years now, and appear to show not signs of slowing down. Case in point: the impending release of their third EP – Diversions – following on from their previous efforts, Directions and Movements.

A neat intro leads into Bottomfeeder, where solid verses give way to loud, rambunctious choruses that feature aggressive riffs and drums. We suddenly get a shift in mood with Cave, where the tempo is lowered, but eventually they build back up towards a jolting final quarter. They return to the manner in which they started with Refute, which is energetic and packing a bracing rhythm.

In a short space of time, The Lightness Of Being make another worthy impression with Diversions, which is ultimately a pretty good EP that is mostly straightforward in style, but nonetheless sure to draw in listeners with it’s rousing numbers, not to mention enough variety between said numbers to keep it fresh.


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