REVIEW | Rascalton – C S C


There’s no doubt that Rascalton are one of the most promising acts to emerge from Glasgow in the past couple of years, swiftly gaining a following with their talents and awesome live shows. Now comes their biggest test in the form of their new EP – the long-awaited C S C.

The very bouncy Told You So sets the pace with cool bass lines and a smashing chorus. From there, the ridiculously catchy Police potently ups the ante further, kicking up the tempo to another degree.

With Lonely Faces, the vocals are sharp and the wild riffs continue to dispense tonnes of manic energy. The closing track Lost Generation loses a little steam, but still provides a more than satisfying finish.

Dishing out four brief but jam-packed tracks in under ten minutes, C S C is a constant, perpetual stampede that is an insane amount of fun to listen to, and I’ll happily stick this one on repeat again and again.


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