Sick N Beautiful – Ivory Blacks (27.5.18) | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


There are few acts more weird and wonderful than Sick N Beautiful. I haven’t been aware of the intergalactic group for too long, but they certainly didn’t take long at all to make their mark, so when given the opportunity to witness them live in Glasgow as part of the We C*m In Peace tour in support of their upcoming record – Element Of Sex – of course I took it.

Despite a regrettably less-than-desirable attendance and the tough task of opening the show, Novacrow worked their butts off.

The definitive trait of the quartet was their on-stage presence, which came to life when songs such as Criminal Mastermind, Fat Frog and Fever Swamp called for it. Kitty was getting up and close with those at the barrier, Jonyx strutted and hopped around like a loony, and Federico was like an uncaged animal, as he planted himself on the monitors, while also leaping and tumbling about like he was possessed.

Their energy boosted a performance that featured great vocals, flashy solos and solid bass-heavy rhythms. Overall, a pretty enjoyable set with plenty of charming personality behind it.

Bad Pollyanna were up next, and while not as wild and frantic as their predecessors, they were undoubtedly tight. Their sound was simply huge, and numerous factors contributed.

Leading lady Olivia was superb; her harmonies powerful and fluent in her movements; the riffs were awfully sweet and the bass/drum combo was a strong one.

Throughout their assortment of quality tracks like Pull The Trigger and Invincible Girl, they never lost their essence, retaining that strength from end to end, and I was coloured impressed.

Sick N Beautiful stormed on stylishly, and the first thing taken notice of was the incredible costumes. They were so elaborate and chock full of depth and detail from head to toe, with each member sporting a different look.

Herma naturally stood out the most for many reasons. Among other things, she had a breast plate transformed into a pair of electrical orbs, laser lights stemming from her gloves and a custom made guitar which she played with a goddamn circular saw that sent sparks flying all over, and that was just plain awesome. The production was something else, made all the more brilliant on how small a scale it was pulled off on.

Musically speaking, they were fantastic and worked well as a coherent unit as they dished out an array of catchy and exciting songs, with the likes of Fire TrueHellawakeHeart December and Megalomanical being the high points.

The audience were entranced – Kitty from Novacrow in particular was having the time of her life in the middle of the room – and on the whole, it was a wonderfully unique spectacle that I, and I’m sure the rest of the crowd for that matter, won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

One thought on “Sick N Beautiful – Ivory Blacks (27.5.18) | SMALL MUSIC SCENE

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