REVIEW | Eva Plays Dead – The Fix


It’s been 3 years since Midland rockers Eva Plays Dead last delivered a record, and since then, they have seen their turbulent share of ups and downs, with positives such as successful singles and memorable shows plastered between ongoing personal struggles that particular members have bravely fought behind the scenes.

But the wait is now over, as they’ve battling through the trials and promoted a fruitful campaign to give us a brand new EP, titled The Fix.

They burst out with Spin, perhaps the most lucrative tune in their arsenal. Courtesy of a mammoth energy and a bloody colossal performance from Tee, they kick off in electric fashion. They retain the buzz heading into Get Back, which dons an averse tone.

Colours reaches its peak during the chorus, featuring great riffs and a throbbing beat, not to mention some cracking vocals once again. Bones is loud, brash and really catchy, and conveys plenty of animosity through the fiercely blunt writing. Lastly, the closing track Monogomy is driven by a sweet, thrumming rhythm that is heavy on the bass.

The Fix is everything we hoped for it to be. A mixture of tight musical displays, an infectiously wild intensity and layered depth help make this a staggering return to form for one of the hottest rock acts in the English underground on the go today.


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