Chapters EP cover low res

Now here’s an act that we are more than familiar with. Bedford rockers SEASONS first came to our attention in 2016 with the release of their self-titled debut EP that earned them the approval of fans and press across the board, and a similar result was achieved with the follow-up, What Goes Around.

Two years on, the guys are back and better than ever, preparing to make their biggest splash yet with their third record – Chapters.

It takes literally seconds for them to knock the socks off with Getaway. The chief hook is hellishly addictive, and is boosted by a driving bass line, but they are only getting started, as One Last Night keeps the power high with an energetic rhythm and spirited chorus.

The guitars get a hoist in the title number, where the lyrics also make an impression, and there are spots of neat electronics in the midst of it all. The writing again delivers in Feel Alive, and they close out the EP in strong fashion with Consequences, further fueled by passionate harmonies.

No surprises here. Chapters is a top-notch record with a non-stop flow of buzz and staggering fervor throughout the entire duration. SEASONS have been long overdue a break into success, and we feel this is the ideal gateway to exactly that.


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