REVIEW | One Last Daybreak – A Thousand Thoughts


There’s some fresh blood hailing from Essex beginning to make a name for themselves. They are post hardcore five-piece One Last Daybreak, who only just released their debut EP – A Thousand Thoughts.

They dish out bundles of energy from the get-go with According To Pleasure, featuring an engaging, kinetic melody. The Sand In The Hourglass is decent enough, although at times it gets way too crowded and messy with so much thrown in at once, particularly in the closing minute.

They regain their footing in the catchy title track, and improve further with In The Movies, highlighted by a sweet chorus and a sheer force before the vocals. They carry that momentum into the tightly-knit and well-written finale, A Coffin For Two.

An overall solid first effort from One Last Daybreak. A shaky first half with some glaring issues is made up for with a stronger second half that properly reflects the talents of this group.

If they are able to iron out the flaws by the time their next record rolls around, then we could be onto a winner.

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