REVIEW | VNDTA – Pale Glow


As advocates for supporting and promoting the best up and coming music out there, there is no better feeling than discovering an act that make such an unfathomable impact. Case in point – VNDTA from Hertfordshire, who will soon be launching their brand new EP – Pale Glow.

The title number commences the record in an immense way with its weighty sound, and Megan works double duty at the helm with a mind-blowing performance. They powerfully roll into Excuses, garnished by a cinching hook and staggering riffs.

They hold interest over the six minutes of Swine, with drawing lyrics and vivid bass being the central points of attention. Martyr is straight up catchy, and the vocals again shine so strong.

The writing is the definitive aspect of Rare BreedLeeches just hammers out with a perpetual aggression – resounding guitars and fiercely rowdy drumming being at the core – and that carries over into the conclusive Virus, which is pushed by a bulky rhythm.

We have honestly been left speechless. Pale Grow is absolutely extraordinary, exceeding in all fronts imaginable and leaving little to no flaws in its wake. It only improves and gets all the better with each respective listen.

Star ratings aren’t usually our forte, but this EP is about as close to a perfect five stars as they come, and has proven that VNDTA are set for a prosperous future as, in our eyes, a cornerstone in the next wave of British metal.


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