REVIEW | Acrylic – All I Am


Ambient alternative rock outfit Acrylic have been slowly but surely emerging as one of Edinburgh’s most fundamental local acts over the past few years, and they finally have the chance to validate their worth with their much-anticipated EP – All I Am.

Where I Lie establishes the mood with pristine riffs and a rhythm that alternates between smooth in the verses and lofty during the choruses. More of the same is present in In Here / Tonight, with the addition of sublime harmonies, particular towards the ending.

Next is the returning Overrun, and it still remains an infectious number with its sweet, catchy melody. Soon, they finish on the astounding title track which is heavy on atmosphere, and it gradually amplifies as it progresses towards the closure.

This has been a long time coming, and the efforts have proven effective. All I Am is a well-produced and terrifically enjoyable record that demonstrates the potential that Acrylic are clearly capable of. Selling out the prestigious King Tuts is only the beginning…


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