REVIEW | Bloodlines – The Old Hairdressers (29.03.18)


Bloodlines’ new EP, Primal Cuts, has been on the shelves for a couple of weeks and has done well thus far, and what would a record be without a release tour?

The guys did indeed put together a batch of dates, with the first taking place at The Old Hairdressers in jolly old Glasgow, where we were promised lots of noise.


North Atlas were first. This is a band we’ve been meaning to see for the longest time, and the opportunity was finally upon us. Being short a bassist due to illness, they compromised and played along to a backing track. Leon was pretty animated on the (literally) rugged stage, and the songs on offer featured great, catchy grooves that had scattered heads in the audience bobbing along.

The unintentional highlight came at the expense of poor Cam who, in the space of thirty seconds, saw his cymbal stand go timber before slipping off his seat and forcing the tune to be started again.

It figures the one night they are down a bass player, everything goes wrong. But despite the hilarious mishaps, they did plenty enough to hold our attention.


We were introduced to Hastings rockers Kid Kapichi only about a fortnight prior to the show, when we were given early access to their Lucozade Dreams EP and we quickly became fans. It just so happened that they would be touring alongside Bloodlines, so the timing was perfect.

They dished out a selection of pieces from the aforementioned EP, as well as the new Revolver and the familiar Ice Cream.

It was a hell of a set from them, with the lads delivering slick riffs and rhythms oozing with pleasing bass tones. The dual vocals were on point, and in general they radiated a tight energy that rubbed off on the crowd.

Capping off with the smashing Cinderella, it was a strong first outing for Kid Kapichi in Scotland, and we personally feel privileged that they took a liking to our lochs.


Bloodlines emerged in the darkness and marked the pace with the frantic Blood In Your Arms, before blasting out with the fiercely catchy Mother’s Misery. Jamie Coltart displayed fire in his voice in Love The Taste, and the basslines from Steve shined through too.

After being forced forward due to a jammed crowd, the party was now on as Andrew made himself part of said crowd over the course of Polar Bear. It was taps aff now with Bleed It Out, where Jamie Allanach’s harmonies balanced well with Coltart’s fervent yells.

Following their rendition of 99 Problems, they lowered the tempo for the underrated Floodgates. They lost a little steam in the midst of All Your Love, but they roared back in style with the loud and  large Cathedral.

The power only intensified as Coltart unleashed all his fury and chugged lager in the whammy of a number, Choked, before the quartet charged to a fine finish with the back-to-back combo of the wild I’m Breaking Up and the utterly bombastic Skeletons.

Another headliner, another triumph for one of the country’s premier rising rock bands.



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