REVIEW | Kosmik Boogie Tribe – We’re Not Here To F*** Spiders


Kosmik Boogie Tribe…with a name like that, how could we not check out this band? The quintet from Oslo are set to put out their new EP – We’re Not Here To F*** Spiders; again, what a title.

They fire away with Creatures Of Habit and keep it kicking at a swift pace. A basic but effective way to start. Optical Migraine moves along a little more leisurely but has a great beat to it, and the riffs on display are mighty fine.

The energy is off the damn wall in We’ve Got The Cash, a straight up rock and roll banger in every sense. Clocking in at nearly seven minutes, Pablo Was Here is pretty beefy, with the focal points including the cool bass lines and the sturdy drumming throughout.

Looking Out For Number One is another breakneck tune, and they only accelerate with I’ve Had Enough Of You, which is a blooming wild rush where the guitars are nothing short of frenzied.

The short but sweet Rat is direct and highlighted by berating writing, and they wrap up well with the classy Piss, Punk And Pie – I mean, what else would you expect from these lads? – and the chorus is an addictive one.

This record is nuts, to say the least. It’s an insanely berserk and entertaining flux that hooks you in from the beginning and keeps you buckled in for the entire daffy ride.


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