REVIEW | Iona Fyfe – Away From My Window


Iona Fyfe is undoubtedly one of Scotland’s finest folk artists, establishing quite a presence over the past few years with her talents, picking up numerous accolades along the way.

In 2017, she kicked off a campaign to fund and produce her debut full-length record – Away From My Window – and now that the moment of truth has finally arrived, how does it fare?

Guise Of Tough has a wonderfully catchy and appealing melody, with a hook very hard to shake off, and you’ll almost certainly be finding yourself humming along. Glenlogie and Banks Of Inverurie take it to a softer note with tender acoustics and crisp, delicate harmonies.

A grand-scale chorus is the centerpiece of The Swan Swims, while the title number sends chills all around, especially in the intro. Bonny Udny returns from the East EP, and makes just as big as a lasting impact.

Take Me Out Drinking is highlighted by ensemble vocals, And So We Must Rest has some nice pianos and strings on display, not to mention the writing is very good here. Banks Of The Tigris is again another song that induces goosebumps with its ravishing atmosphere; in contrast to the outstanding finale Pit Gair, where the pipes really create a buzz.

The blood, sweat and tears have well and truly paid off here. Away From My Window is exceptional, chock full of stunning pieces where the lyrics regularly imprint, the instrumental sequences amaze and Iona’s voice is so refined and utterly elegant.

This is one of the best contemporary folk records we have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time, and we’d happily experience it again and again.

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