REVIEW | Chris James – The Times We Had

Chris James - The Times We Had. - 20663816_518871778452343_6266651968522335190_n

Our old chum Chris Kerr is a versatile chap. Let’s run down the gamut – indie rock with Motion Play, pop-oriented music in Team Player, and delightfully bizarre content under the guise of Chirper Horsket.

Now he’s done it again, this time as Chris James, with a new record entitled The Time We Had, fusing all of the aforementioned styles he has used in the past.

We R Here Now features sublime electronics and a grabbing chorus, which is followed up by Fractured Mirror, where the lyrics are cool and the synths just scream of the 80’s.

The writing is absolutely top notch in Wake Up, tacking the theme of non-conformance, and is easily some of Chris’ best material to date, with other tracks such as Part Time People and Homewrecker making a similar impact in that area.

Meanwhile the eloquent sounds return to the fore with the likes of Coming Of An Age, Love Material and I’m Your Biggest Fan.

An all around spiffing album from a talented gentleman that can’t afford to slip under the radar.

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