REVIEW | The Rocket Dolls – DeadHead


Slowly but surely gaining popularity from rock fans and music journalists alike, Brighton trio The Rocket Dolls get ready to capitalise and show what they are really made of with their upcoming full-length album – DeadHead.

None Of This Is Right is a straightforward but solid and enjoyable opener that starts the record off nicely, before they crank up the intensity with She’s Starting Something New – fittingly enough, given the song’s subject matter – while the title track is loaded with impacting riffs.

She Said is a memorable number; aside from its smoother rhythm, the writing is pretty good. Similarly, the moderately-paced Last Thing On My Mind runs off a swaying melody, and the sleek harmonies go perfectly.

It only gets better with Stop The Dead Men Crying, the undisputed highlight of the bunch, which is topped by a hell of an engaging chorus that is quintessential for those live sing-a-long moments. Drowning has a big sound to it, and the record gets an extra kick up the arse with the swift and boisterous The Desparate.

The guys preserve that power moving into StrainRusty Bones is headed by crunchy guitars and the doom-esque Trigger is defined by deep grungy chords, banging drums and husky vocals, capping off the album on a potent note.

DeadHead is quite the beefy record, not only giving us an energetic surge that never fails to thrill over its 45 minute running time, but also showcasing some excellent material from frontman Nikki Smash in the writing department.

There’s little doubt that The Rocket Dolls are on their way to bigger things, and this album will only certify that sentiment.


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