REVIEW | Crossing The Limits – Perseverance

Crossing The Limits Artwork

The British pop punk scene have some new kids on the block, and they happen to be pretty good. They are Crossing The Limits from Norwich, and they are set to etch their names with forthcoming EP – Perseverance.

Lead single Won’t Settle is an electric track, with bright and fervent vocals from Rachel as she recalls her own personal life experiences, and a memorable chorus to boot. The guitars pack a punch and become more of a definitive element in Predictable.

Reverse cascades off a high-octane, zippy melody, the harmonies peak and spill with passion in Chaos, while the lyrics stick out in the finisher My Own Way.

All in all, Perseverance is a bubbly record that is a slew of fun over its entire duration. Whether it does something anything new and fresh in the genre is another question, but as debuts go, this is an undeniably entertaining first effort, and we think this group have plenty of potential going forward.


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