REVIEW | Elizabeth – Blossoms

Blossoms Final (Half Res, 1500 x 1500, 1200 DPI)

Hailing from Perth, Elizabeth has certainly been making a name of herself as a promising artist who has already achieved a fair amount at her age, with a successful debut EP to her name and plenty of experience travelling across the country, honing our talents in front of the public. Elizabeth is now set to move on to the next step with her new record entitled Blossoms.

Alice dons a wonderful chorus and gripping lyrics, and the atmosphere that is established is so magnetic. The gentle acoustics in Run are so serene, and they are intermixed perfectly with the accompanying strings.

Strangers is pretty nice, with the sound evolving and growing as it progresses into the latter half, and Beginning makes for a fine finish, where the writing again is very good and the harmonies are stunning.

Blossoms is a delightfully well-crafted compilation that makes for an endearing listen, while also showcasing the development of Elizabeth as a credible musician. This is one to watch out for, folks.


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