REVIEW | Kid Kapichi – Lucozade Dreams


Whenever we hear about Hastings rock quartet Kid Kapichi, we are always greeted with rumblings about how great they are and how promising their future is looking. With that in mind, and being presented with the opportunity to do so, we decided to check out their upcoming sophomore EP, Lucozade Dreams, to see what the fuss was about.

They set the bar quickly in the intro piece before properly starting off with Cinderella, intertwined by bouncy, bass-induced verses that launch into huge hooking choruses. The energy is retained in the swaying Puppet Strings, which is highlighted by some great, noteworthy writing.

Striking riffs and an addictive pacing beat are the name of the game in Jack Jones, and as they’ve done from the beginning, they close out impressively with the slick Machine Men.

Well, it’s easy to understand the hype behind the lads. Lucozade Dreams is a smashing EP that is consistently fun and engaging, and may just serve as the heralding of one of the UK’s next big rock acts. Only time will tell…


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