REVIEW | Fall Flavored – 180

180 - Artwork

There’s no doubt about it, the French punk rock scene is rich with talent, and our latest discovery comes as an ultimate example of what said scene has to offer – Fall Flavored from Lille, who are fresh off releasing their debut album, 180.

Epic & Colegram spews tonne of energy from the offset and is guaranteed to pump up the listener in no time flat, and they continue the impetus with the catchy Mountain Of Rage, where the vocals bolster some fierce power behind them.

Nonsense is a good, solid number, after which a left-field choir opening signals the lyrically strong Character In A Role Play, with a marvelous guitar solo thrown in the middle for an added bonus.

They do little to hold back, keeping the pace flowing with the short yet rampant Runaway, the riffs are pretty cool in Sleep, where the verses have a hell of a beat to them, and the brash Can’t Be Beaten is swift in tempo and the writing leaves a mark.

Stuck In Life is another wild breath-taker, Courtesy Of Boris is hauled by off-the-wall drumming and the final track Jump has a decent hook to it.

An immensely exciting album from to start to finish that excels in so many ways; above all giving us a whopping flux of adrenaline and leaving us dying for me once it wraps up. This is a cracking gem that cannot go unheard, it deserves to be experienced by a wider audience.


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