REVIEW | Deadeyes – Deadeyes


It’s natural that up and coming bands want to earn their keep and cement themselves as the next big thing of their respective genre, and Ayr metal outfit Deadeyes are no different, keen to make a notable impression with their eponymous debut EP.

The classy Droon The C*** has a fine buildup in the first 2 minutes, eventually kicking off into a good opener with a cool rhythm. They keep the energy rolling along in Hell Home, where the guitars and drums are given an extra boost.

They then crank it up to another degree with the memorable Ashes, which is hoisted by an unadulterated power, the vocal game is top notch, and it leaves a resonating effect. A booming, bass-ridden prelude makes way for Burn The Witch, a fast and frantic banger that caps off the record in the most insane style possible.

Overall, a worthwhile EP that starts off solid, but gradually improves and ultimately makes an impact through an awesome second half that we can’t get enough of. Consider this an impression well made.


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