REVIEW | Dante – I Wear Your Weight With Mine


For the better part of the last decade, Dante from Perthshire have undoubtedly established themselves as one of the most noteworthy folk ensembles in the Scottish scene, and following a long period of silence, they made their empathetic return to form with their brand new album – I Wear Your Weight With Mine.

Beachcomber eases us in nicely, before taking off at the 90 second mark. They properly get running with the excellent Boy And The Telephone, highlighted by an infectious chorus. In the same vein, Rose has an addictive melody and is driven by an elating energy.

Alarm is warm and ambient, and the writing does really well to pull in the listener; the same case with the grand Detachment Souvenir. The guitars really shine in Song, and again, the lyrics are the stand out feature of Sermons.

Stirring strings help generate an entrancing atmosphere in EverywhereCrow is awfully catchy and Wolves ultimately makes for a pleasant conclusion.

Dante reinforce themselves as one of the country’s premier folk acts with what is an outstanding album made with a mixture of professional prowess, a tight production and an indisputable passion to create the best possible product. A staggering effort, through and through.


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