REVIEW | Black Dog Days – Black Dog Days


Black Dog Days from West Lothian have been quietly working their way up since forming in 2013 and going through several changes. Following much exertion over the past few years, the guys are ready to show to the world what they are capable of with their self-titled debut EP.

Amy makes for an ideal starter, especially with a catchy chorus that has a nice hook to it. The wonderful Coming Home has a solemn tone that pulls in the listener until they let loose towards the end. Angel Smile features a catchy rhythm, and the riffs are tasty.

They crank up the energy for the superb high-tempo Good Enough, which somehow only escalates from there as they take the breath away with the brisk and lively Everything’s Changed, before wrapping up with the triumphal Fame.

A damn fine effort that we feel is a more than lucrative addition to our ever expanding music collection.


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