REVIEW | Sertraline – 13th Note (10.11.17)


Fresh and new to us, the young trio of Headwitch did a solid job kicking off the evening with tracks characterised by extended instrumental sequences full of fairly stylish guitar work and bass-drum combos vibrating through the speakers.

The vocals, while fine, were so irregular that they seemed a tad pointless. Our advice for the guys would be to drop them entirely and completely focus on developing the one area to which they are more suited.


All the way from Dumfries – and narrowly avoiding having their gear stolen by a Glaswegian junkie earlier in the day – we were pretty familiar with Turbyne, as we last saw them open for Our Hollow, Our Home back in March. They impressed us then, and they impressed us even more now.

They brought a whole newfound buzz to the room that was sorely lacking beforehand, with plenty of aspects making that so, such as very tight singing from the pairing of Keith and Gary, keys and riffs that bounced off each other efficiently, and swift, pumped up rhythms. Their new tune Towers was especially phenomenal, and despite the cramped space, they still managed to be quite active.

It was a brilliant, jam-packed set that had one chap lose half his beer from too much headbanging, Police Scotland making a cameo (no, seriously) and left Sertraline in awe of them…


…and speaking of which, it was Sertraline‘s time to step up. They cranked out tracks from both their EPs and it was an electric, off-the-charts rush from end to end.

Liz was sensational with the mic in hand and the rest of the band complimented her splendidly. The crowd response was a very positive one, as they clapped and sang along where required and there was not a single dull moment. They even earned themselves an encore request.

A simply fantastic and convincing debut in Glasgow for the group. It was such a pleasure to see them do what they do, and we can only hope they return sooner than later.

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