REVIEW | Seafoal – Nice N Sleazy (08.11.17)


Tour support Apollo (aka Nick) was first up, and essentially a one man electronic band. He produced a large sound with a mixture of overdubbing violins, synth drums and backing tracks, in addition to his warm harmony.

With a setlist including Kill Me NowOceans II and a cover of Wuthering Heights, he generated a nice atmosphere and more or less held the attention of the crowd despite a couple of minor setbacks. While probably not to everybody’s taste due to the experimental nature of it, we felt it was interesting overall.


Secondly was Glasgow’s own Scarlett Randle, who was in the midst of gearing up for the release of her single Berlin later in the week, and she drew quite the ensemble of people for the night.

She brought such a sheer warmth and elegance, and entertained with a heck of a personality that was easy for everyone to feed off, especially with songs at her disposal like HerJust Right, the aforementioned Berlin and a mesmerising rendition of The Police’s Every Breath You Take.

We had never listened to her beforehand, but within half an hour, we were newly made fans, and we look forward to her forthcoming EP.


Leading in with intro track SubmergedSeafoal properly got going with the dark and ambient Fiends, before following suit with You’ll Be Sorry.

Zander’s performance was raw and organic, and the material sounded good live. However, the set was a little disjointed, with the middle section being fully acoustic which, despite a great version of Linkin Park’s Numb thrown in, was jarring and admittedly a pace breaker.

Regardless of that, the content itself as we said was satisfying and it was all in all really solid. Even with flaws, we were still glad to see Seafoal in the flesh and we can tick that off our bucket list.

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