REVIEW | Junior – The Attic (09.11.17)


Too Much Too Soon‘s first impression on us was a good one, as the Edinburgh quintet brought plenty of enthusiasm to the table and had a hold on the crowd’s attention.

A little off in the early goings, but they gradually got into a flow and ultimately they done their job as a warm-up act well.


Remind Me Of Home, while not as energetic as their predecessors, played a range of enjoyable songs that had some fine melodies to them, not to mention there was some organic audience involvement which saw them clapping along on a few occasions.

However, we did feel that frontman Craig was holding back a little bit and was somewhat shaky on stage, and we think for the future he needs to loosen up more. A perfectly serviceable set overall, but certainly room for improvement in there.


We were now getting the opportunity to finally check out Miami Monroe in person, supposed copycats of Green Day according to one spitefully biased reviewer. We couldn’t see it, but anyway, the guys were cracking and gave us exactly what we expected from a pop punk gig.

They blitzed through at a charged pace, the dual harmonies were strong and there was loads of movement from all members on stage. They had us hooked all the way, with the highlights being Lost And Found, Nothing and Things Only Get Worsebefore they capped off with a sweet cover of Sum 41’s Fat Lip.

They were just great and lived up to all the promise; definitely worth our time and money.


And then we had Junior, and god damn, did they put on an immense performance. The best moments were too many to count, such as A House That’s Not Quite Home which made an instant connection and got those in attendance pridefully singing back the lyrics, there was the dynamic and bloody catchy Veronica, and Fall To Pieces sent the room into a ballistic frenzy.

We also bore witness to the band’s trademark limbo competition, and if there was one thing we learnt from it, it’s that Scottish people sure are flexible. One of the greatest cases of crowd participation ever.

The trio transformed the venue into a daft party house, and we were glad to be a part of what was one of the most memorable live experiences for us in all of 2017.

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