REVIEW | Courage My Love – The Attic (22.11.17)


Due to a late bus journey, we entered halfway to pop punk band Wasted Summers, and from what we saw, it was mainly solid stuff, although the group were a little still on stage (but to be fair, Steph had a legitimate excuse).

Tomorrow stood out as a neat tune with a catchiness to it. Overall, it was fine for what we got, and we even nabbed a demo, in addition to countless free stickers.


We had seen Remind Me Of Home two weeks prior supporting Junior at this venue, and while they didn’t fully impress us then, it was a different story here.

For one thing, we felt that vocalist Craig was more upfront and in the zone, and his voice even packed more of a punch, and for that matter, the rest of the band sounded pretty sturdy too. They dished out numbers from their Bloodless EP, including StockholmEnigma and the title track, and there was a big crowd on hand.

It was not flawless by any means, with the couple of miscues here and there, and the mic cable disconnecting is never a fun time, but a real step up nonetheless, and they can now call us fans.


For the second time, we would be witnessing Chapter And Verse from London at a gig, and they were even better on this term. Their latest single Magazines was great live, while newer tunes Eleven Hours and Ink hooked us in with magnetic writingThe New Breed was massive as usual, and they finished with a resounding bang courtesy of Slave.

Josh’s vocals were just astonishing, and the rhythms were brash and truly rocking. Our only compliant was that our eyes were nearly sizzled by the bloody bright lights, but otherwise, a damn fine steal-shower of a set.


We were questioning whether Courage My Love were going to be able to follow up on that. They begun smoothly with Animal Heart, and Love Hurts came off well with its rich lyrical content. In the same vein were Two Headed Monster and Not Gonna Change, where Mercedes shined with a passionate performance.

Need Someone had a lovely message, and it was clear that it meant a lot to Mercedes in particular. The trio gave us the melodic and highly catchy Stereo, before ending on a couple of encores, including the bouncy Walls.

It took a while for them to get into a swing, but they steadily got there and at the end of the day, their debut outing in Glasgow was a triumph that resonated with the audience.

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