REVIEW | Carly Connor – King Tuts (18.11.17)


With a packed crowd from the offset, Julie Ann and her ensemble took to the stage for her debut appearance in Glasgow, which just happened to be at King Tuts of all places.

Among the range of highlights, there was Money which featured an enjoyable chorus, Tough Love had an elegant melody and guitars that added an extra layer, and the Hogmanay- themed When The Bells Go was really charming. We felt it was a very pleasant performance and that Julie Ann had achieved success in her first outing here in the city.


So the mood was set and we were off to the races. Loud chants preceded Billy Mitchell as he waltzed onto the stage. Lazy Like Me quickly got the people going, and just like that, the energy in the room was instantly kicked up a notch.

Chances was really damn catchy, and the likes of Losing ControlPsycho and especially the closing tune All You’ve Got had umpteen folk clapping and singing back the words in a frenzy; we could feel the ground shaking at our feet with all the bouncing about.

Billy displayed true showmanship, there were smashing riffs and hardy drumming throughout, and the minimal small talk kept the pace rolling to a point where it just flew in and it was all over before we knew it. Undoubtedly brilliant stuff here.


With the venue heaving and us caught right at the front with virtually no breathing space – but the best view in the house – Carly Connor walked on to quite a buzz, dressed in real classy attire. With a marvelous charisma and a heck of a voice, she looked like a legitimate star up there, and that fact was only elevated by the sellout crowd and countless cameras focused in her direction.

Real Good Looker was notable for its infectious swinging rhythm, while Living Easy had a bluesy edge to it. The warm To Be Loved was utterly magnetic, with the same to be said for the highly emotional Suffocating Love, and Woman stood out with fiercely blunt lyrics.

Carly’s name rang deafeningly throughout the place right before she blew us all away with new single Who’s Gonna Love You, following which she capped off in astounding fashion with Shadows and the rip-roaring encore Creepin’ On.

Being our first time seeing her live in action, she honestly took our breath away with a damn near perfect, memorable display. After a long journey of hardships to get to where she was, she absolutely owned this night.

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