REVIEW | 100 Fables – O2 ABC2 (24.11.17)

100 fables

After a miserable wait out in the subzero cold due to delayed doors, it would be the job of Dancing On Tables to get us simultaneously warmed and cheered up, both of which were accomplished.

There were plenty of focal points among the setlist. Colour Me Good was a great and lively track, Missing had quite the bounce to it and featured a cool bassline, and Waiting On Saturdaybrought a real energetic pulse. Throughout were well-rounded dual harmonies, sublime guitars that battled through broken strings, and smashing drum fills.

Closing out with their simple but effective new single Oh, the night was off to a promising, noteworthy start.


Land Of Rubber Men were visibly popular with the crowd, and there were some notable highlights.

Watch It Burn was slow and gripping, and frontman Angus was really into it. Meanwhile, Carpets had nice riffs and the sax added an extra dose of depth, Just Run was scattered with a couple of dazzling chords, and Book You In was a jumping conclusion which was evidently ideal for drunken dancing.

They were a little inconsistent at moments, and it wasn’t always the most interesting to watch, but when they delivered, they did so with style, and we may just check out their album once that comes around.


The room was in an absolutely buzz and jam-packed with folk, all of whom were ready to be graced by 100 Fables.

They burst out the gates wildly with The Pressure, and Lyndsey was quick to exhibit her sheer charisma through articulate expressions and movements, on top of her excellent vocals. She worked so well with guitarist Erin, as demonstrated in Electric Girls And Boys, where the latter’s low harmonies in the chorus suited perfectly.

The exciting Lost Generation had the audience clapping and dancing, before they toned it down for the magnetic Forgotten. Afterwards, Neon Nightmare had a hammering drum beat, ripe bass work and fast riffs, and all five members were really active on stage towards the end.

Lyndsey again drew us in with an infectious performance in Joy, and she took the time to perch herself on top of the amp during the groovy Complications. Following the scintillating Untold, they blew us away with the explosive Wake Up.

But they were not done yet, as the crowd demanded an encore, and they got their wish when the band returned and sensationally stunned one final time with the classic Metropolis.

A simply incredible set from 100 Fables, and if this wasn’t a star-making show that should earn them a record deal, we don’t know what is. A wonderful night that we won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

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