REVIEW | Kosmik Boogie Tribe – We’re Not Here To F*** Spiders


Kosmik Boogie Tribe…with a name like that, how could we not check out this band? The quintet from Oslo are set to put out their new EP – We’re Not Here To F*** Spiders; again, what a title.

They fire away with Creatures Of Habit and keep it kicking at a swift pace. A basic but effective way to start. Optical Migraine moves along a little more leisurely but has a great beat to it, and the riffs on display are mighty fine.

The energy is off the damn wall in We’ve Got The Cash, a straight up rock and roll banger in every sense. Clocking in at nearly seven minutes, Pablo Was Here is pretty beefy, with the focal points including the cool bass lines and the sturdy drumming throughout.

Looking Out For Number One is another breakneck tune, and they only accelerate with I’ve Had Enough Of You, which is a blooming wild rush where the guitars are nothing short of frenzied.

The short but sweet Rat is direct and highlighted by berating writing, and they wrap up well with the classy Piss, Punk And Pie – I mean, what else would you expect from these lads? – and the chorus is an addictive one.

This record is nuts, to say the least. It’s an insanely berserk and entertaining flux that hooks you in from the beginning and keeps you buckled in for the entire daffy ride.


REVIEW | As Sirens Fall – Where Lost Things Go


As far as the future of British music goes, As Sirens Fall from Keighley, Yorkshire are right up there at the top of the ranks. The quintet first made a major splash back in 2016 with their debut EP, The Hospital Party, which earned them tonnes of praise from fans and press alike, and deservedly so.

Since then, they have only improved and continued to build into one of England’s tightest up and coming acts. And now, after two years of anticipation, the boys are ready to elevate themselves to a whole new level with their sophomore record – Where Lost Things Go.

They waste no time and start off strong with their latest single Lily, exhuming fierce amounts of energy, and at the core of it is a fiery performance from Mikey Lord. They keep it going with In My Mind, highlighted by a catchy and dynamic chorus, and they enlist the help of Skindred’s Benji Webbe to add an extra beefy layer to what is an already loaded song.

Like Vultures excels with its writing, followed by the low-key Getaway which is very heartfelt, dotted with tepid chords and a calm beat, all elevating towards a palatial second half.

They return to familiar territory in My Only Ghost, dishing out snappy riffs and charging forth with a driving rhythm, before going all in for an impassioned climax in the form of She Run With The Wolves.

As Sirens Fall had a tough task placed in front of them, having to better their efforts of The Hospital Party, but oh boy, did they ever. Where Lost Things Go is nothing short of sensational, with the entire band putting in everything and using their talents to their full potential, giving us an EP that makes an impact upon every listen with its frontal excitement and deeper underlying emotions.

As Sirens Fall are ready for the big leagues.


REVIEW | Chris James – The Times We Had

Chris James - The Times We Had. - 20663816_518871778452343_6266651968522335190_n

Our old chum Chris Kerr is a versatile chap. Let’s run down the gamut – indie rock with Motion Play, pop-oriented music in Team Player, and delightfully bizarre content under the guise of Chirper Horsket.

Now he’s done it again, this time as Chris James, with a new record entitled The Time We Had, fusing all of the aforementioned styles he has used in the past.

We R Here Now features sublime electronics and a grabbing chorus, which is followed up by Fractured Mirror, where the lyrics are cool and the synths just scream of the 80’s.

The writing is absolutely top notch in Wake Up, tacking the theme of non-conformance, and is easily some of Chris’ best material to date, with other tracks such as Part Time People and Homewrecker making a similar impact in that area.

Meanwhile the eloquent sounds return to the fore with the likes of Coming Of An Age, Love Material and I’m Your Biggest Fan.

An all around spiffing album from a talented gentleman that can’t afford to slip under the radar.

REVIEW | Iona Fyfe – Away From My Window


Iona Fyfe is undoubtedly one of Scotland’s finest folk artists, establishing quite a presence over the past few years with her talents, picking up numerous accolades along the way.

In 2017, she kicked off a campaign to fund and produce her debut full-length record – Away From My Window – and now that the moment of truth has finally arrived, how does it fare?

Guise Of Tough has a wonderfully catchy and appealing melody, with a hook very hard to shake off, and you’ll almost certainly be finding yourself humming along. Glenlogie and Banks Of Inverurie take it to a softer note with tender acoustics and crisp, delicate harmonies.

A grand-scale chorus is the centerpiece of The Swan Swims, while the title number sends chills all around, especially in the intro. Bonny Udny returns from the East EP, and makes just as big as a lasting impact.

Take Me Out Drinking is highlighted by ensemble vocals, And So We Must Rest has some nice pianos and strings on display, not to mention the writing is very good here. Banks Of The Tigris is again another song that induces goosebumps with its ravishing atmosphere; in contrast to the outstanding finale Pit Gair, where the pipes really create a buzz.

The blood, sweat and tears have well and truly paid off here. Away From My Window is exceptional, chock full of stunning pieces where the lyrics regularly imprint, the instrumental sequences amaze and Iona’s voice is so refined and utterly elegant.

This is one of the best contemporary folk records we have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time, and we’d happily experience it again and again.

REVIEW | The Rocket Dolls – DeadHead


Slowly but surely gaining popularity from rock fans and music journalists alike, Brighton trio The Rocket Dolls get ready to capitalise and show what they are really made of with their upcoming full-length album – DeadHead.

None Of This Is Right is a straightforward but solid and enjoyable opener that starts the record off nicely, before they crank up the intensity with She’s Starting Something New – fittingly enough, given the song’s subject matter – while the title track is loaded with impacting riffs.

She Said is a memorable number; aside from its smoother rhythm, the writing is pretty good. Similarly, the moderately-paced Last Thing On My Mind runs off a swaying melody, and the sleek harmonies go perfectly.

It only gets better with Stop The Dead Men Crying, the undisputed highlight of the bunch, which is topped by a hell of an engaging chorus that is quintessential for those live sing-a-long moments. Drowning has a big sound to it, and the record gets an extra kick up the arse with the swift and boisterous The Desparate.

The guys preserve that power moving into StrainRusty Bones is headed by crunchy guitars and the doom-esque Trigger is defined by deep grungy chords, banging drums and husky vocals, capping off the album on a potent note.

DeadHead is quite the beefy record, not only giving us an energetic surge that never fails to thrill over its 45 minute running time, but also showcasing some excellent material from frontman Nikki Smash in the writing department.

There’s little doubt that The Rocket Dolls are on their way to bigger things, and this album will only certify that sentiment.


REVIEW | Crossing The Limits – Perseverance

Crossing The Limits Artwork

The British pop punk scene have some new kids on the block, and they happen to be pretty good. They are Crossing The Limits from Norwich, and they are set to etch their names with forthcoming EP – Perseverance.

Lead single Won’t Settle is an electric track, with bright and fervent vocals from Rachel as she recalls her own personal life experiences, and a memorable chorus to boot. The guitars pack a punch and become more of a definitive element in Predictable.

Reverse cascades off a high-octane, zippy melody, the harmonies peak and spill with passion in Chaos, while the lyrics stick out in the finisher My Own Way.

All in all, Perseverance is a bubbly record that is a slew of fun over its entire duration. Whether it does something anything new and fresh in the genre is another question, but as debuts go, this is an undeniably entertaining first effort, and we think this group have plenty of potential going forward.


REVIEW | Elizabeth – Blossoms

Blossoms Final (Half Res, 1500 x 1500, 1200 DPI)

Hailing from Perth, Elizabeth has certainly been making a name of herself as a promising artist who has already achieved a fair amount at her age, with a successful debut EP to her name and plenty of experience travelling across the country, honing our talents in front of the public. Elizabeth is now set to move on to the next step with her new record entitled Blossoms.

Alice dons a wonderful chorus and gripping lyrics, and the atmosphere that is established is so magnetic. The gentle acoustics in Run are so serene, and they are intermixed perfectly with the accompanying strings.

Strangers is pretty nice, with the sound evolving and growing as it progresses into the latter half, and Beginning makes for a fine finish, where the writing again is very good and the harmonies are stunning.

Blossoms is a delightfully well-crafted compilation that makes for an endearing listen, while also showcasing the development of Elizabeth as a credible musician. This is one to watch out for, folks.