REVIEW | Horizons – Pathfinder


Whilst attending Friends With Benefest 3 last year, we had the opportunity to see Horizons for the first time and we liked what we heard, having seen potential in what they were capable of.

Well, now it’s time to test said potential, for after 2 years working hard behind the scenes, the guys are set to release their long-awaited Pathfinder EP.

They ease in and gradually heighten the sound before firing into A Bid Farewell, a simple yet solid enough track that does its job in getting us warmed up. They suddenly flick the dial with Hollowed, a high-tempo, fiercely aggressive track, where Jonathan’s roaring screams are packing some real force.

With the band now in business, In Time keeps the pace going with an array of zealous riffs and booming drum beats. The lyrics and a memorable chorus are the highlights of Pathfinder itself, not to mention guest vocalist Matteo Gelsomino of Novelists notoriety kills it in his appearance.

After taking a breather, they come swinging back for one last round, charging to the finish line with the intense Wearing Thin, closing out a great record that will almost certainly cement Horizons as one of Scotland’s most notable hardcore acts. Sure, there’s a couple of spots that may need some improvement, but ultimately the promise is abundantly clear.


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