REVIEW | Rayana Jay – Love, Rayana


Far over in the Californian city of Richmond, RnB artist Rayana Jay has been making a reputable name for herself as of late, and she continues to showcase her abilities; as well as collaborate with a series of adept producers; courtesy of her most recent EP – Love, Rayana.

Swoon is a pretty serene starter, thanks to a nice mixture of Rayana’s warm harmonies and ESTA’s cool production. 2:30 takes it up a notch, as Rayana displays a direct attitude in her singing, and the writing is a key quality too. Taking the helm, FORTUNE puts together a good fitting beat.

Finishing it off is Love Is A Gravity Thing, a fantastic tune with Rayana at her A-game, and Jean Kengz creating a heck of a catchy melody that really sticks.

Rayana Jay proves her worth once again with what is an astonishing EP comprising of three stimulating tracks that make their mark in one form or another, and the producers involved do play a considerable part in that.

Soon, more people will open their eyes to Rayana and the talent she clearly possesses.



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