REVIEW | Black Cat Bone – Get Your Kicks Sessions


Edinburgh blues rock band Black Cat Bone first came to our attention through their full-length album Growl back in 2015, and now it’s time to get ourselves refreshed and familiar with them again as we look at the follow-up – Get Your Kicks Sessions.

They warm up fashionably with Morning Light, certainly not taking long to get going with this rocking tune donning a cracking chorus. The title track is the unmatched highlight of the bunch; the rhythm is punchy, the harmonicas are slick and it all leads to a high-octane section that leaves the listener breathless.

We were initially worried that they wouldn’t be able to follow that, but our worries were quickly washed away with Bullet, which is straightforward yet catchy. The drumming and spirited riffs bounce off each other well in Love My Baby, whilst the vocals continue to display amounts of fervor, and they cap off the record in rollicking style courtesy of the utterly energetic Hipshake.

This is exactly what we hoped for – an EP that is huge amounts of fun and tailor made for a guaranteed swinging experience.


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