Out To Sea EP

2 years after the release of their debut record All Roads Lead Home, London-residing Exeter rock quintet TALMA are back and ready to impress again with their second EP – Out To Sea.

We are greeted with an increasing drum beat before the guys get going with In Circles, which moves at a stable tempo and features a solid chorus. Lifeline certainly has more a pep, with competent vocals, neat riffs and smooth bass tones showcased over its course.

Starless Skies is very pleasant and has a real warmth to it, particularly in regards to the harmonies and cordial riffs. In our opinion, this is a highlight, and they follow in corresponding fashion with the closing title track, which builds upon the atmosphere and adds more and more layers of energy, leading up to an exciting finish.

This is another well done effort from the band that, while doing nothing revolutionary by any means, still brings plenty of variety to the table and succeeds in entertaining through each of the tunes in one way or another.

For our money’s worth, we enjoyed Out To Sea, and we think that any other sensible rock fan should too.



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