REVIEW | Cove – A Conscious Motion

Cove - A Conscious Motion Artwork_preview

Between a premiere on Kerrang, earning a slot on tour with Feed The Rhino and fair amounts of praise in general, Kent hardcore outfit Cove have been making themselves the talk of the town, and they are seeking to make a serious imprint with their forthcoming sophomore EP – A Conscious Motion.

They ease in with tapping drumsticks while basslines gradually kick in and develop before dropping into lead single Coincide:Collide, an emphatic track with a forcible rhythm where Ben Shorten takes control with his formidable vocal work.

They fire up the intensity with Solis, driving at a sweeping pace and flaunting an immense, in-your face resonance. It’s really damn good, and they sure as hell don’t let up with All I Believe, where they continue to propel that sheer, weighty energy.

After taking a pause with Host, they break out for one last rush with Reflect:Resolve, churning out rabid riffs left, right and centre.

With growing hype surrounding them, Cove have excelled with A Conscious Motion, delivering one of the tightest, most sizable records to emerge from the British metal scene in quite some time.

Those who have only gotten a small taste of what this quintet have to offer have not heard anything yet. This EP is going to make a substantial statement, mark our words.


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