REVIEW | Simon Baum – Better


In the midst of new discoveries, London artist Simon Baum has stuck out in our radar. One of the city’s busiest independent musicians, the man came to our attention courtesy of his most recent release – Better.

First up is the warm and welcoming Bridges, where the lyrics are excellent and Simon draws us in through his civil vocals. The title number has inspired themes behind it, and from gentle beginnings, it builds in size over its duration.

Firelight is a decent piece, and soon he finishes on It’s All For You, a low-key song that immerses the listener in an ambience mixing pianos, subtle synths, glockenspiels and a choir-esque sound.

If you’re in the mood to discover somebody new, Simon Baum has our blessing as a result of what is ultimately a fine EP; one that is just a small part of a bigger library worth checking out.


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