REVIEW | Kadija Kamara – Nothing Left To Lose


We have the privilege of discovering countless bands and musicians on a weekly basis that showcase plenty of talent, but it’s not often that we come across an act who instantly makes such an impact and exhibits legitimate potential to break it big.

Enter Kadija Kamara from London. The self-proclaimed Alt-Soul artist has been building quite the reputation for herself with several accolades, and with all that experience at her disposal, she has curated an EP titled Nothing Left To Lose, and the results are something to be admired.

It starts off with the eponymous chief single, where the ravishing, Southern-style guitars and sweet, subtle basslines help to create a scintillating bluesy number. Kadija’s feverish vocals are just dazzling, draping with tonnes of feeling and elation, and she goes all out towards the end.

The track alone is enough to cement her as a proper force, but she’s only just getting warmed up, for next is Running In The Name Of The Game, a marvelous get-your-dancing-shoes-on tune featuring a catchy, bouncy beat.

Eyes On You throws a more electronic-based essence into the fray that is highly addictive, before she finishes on Like You, a tremendous pop ballad that is warm and gracious – espcially with the strings and accompanying chair at hand – and displays lots of emotion and spirit from Kadija one last time.

Over the course of these 4 songs, Kadija Kamara shows off her expertise in sensational style, with her performances leaving the listening audience stunned, and her aptness to transverse mulitple genres effortlessly is a testament to her ability.

A real star-maker of a record if we ever saw one.

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