REVIEW | Erin Bennett – Post Sexy Post Truth


3 years ago, we were introduced to a musician by the name of Erin Bennett, where we had the delightful opportunity to review her debut album – ReFlowered – which impressed us so much that we elected it our Solo Record Of The Year.

Much time has passed since, but now she has returned at last with her second full-length release, Post Sexy Post Truth, and what a follow-up.

We are grabbed right away by Twofolds The Pain, with Erin giving such a direct performance in this assertive track. The hefty Hecate has an engrossing sound, and the energy is only further boosted with Tension, where there are some mighty sweet riffs on display.

Returning from ReFlowered is Elevate, still the amazing classic it always was. Meanwhile, Inanna hooks us in with a combination of organs, pulsing bass lines and ensemble harmonies. The guitars are bold in Under, and this continues into Home, where the lyrics are pretty good too.

The massive Cold And Still is another explicit one and a major, memorable highlight, while Persephone boasts a dynamic rhythm. After the firecely catchy Voice, Erin brings it down for Something Has To Separate, gripping with its great writing and passionate vocals, before closing out with the tepid and ravishing Stormy Waters.

Well, well, well, Erin Bennett has pulled it off again with another tremendous album that, in some respects, trumps her previous effort, which wasn’t an easy task.

Her performances – as well as those of her entourage – are consistently on point, the lyrics throughout are enchanting and the general standard is persistently top notch and never boring. The Texan native may very well be on to another prizewinner…

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