REVIEW | Daniel Docherty – Life Is What We Make Of It


If there’s anything that our several years working in conjunction with the Scottish scene has taught us, it’s that this country is chock full of incredible artists, many of whom are on the rise – Lewis Capaldi, Gerry Cinnamon, Siobhan Wilson, to name a select few – and there’s one fellow in particular who deserves to rank high alongside them, that being Daniel Docherty from Bellshill.

We first caught wind of him way back in 2014, when he released his This Holy Fire EP to wide acclaim, and it’s no wonder; we think it’s an overlooked masterpiece in its own right.

After four long years, with plenty of extra experience in his pocket, he’s finally back with his sophomore record – Life Is What We Make Of It. Expectations were clipping the ceiling for this one, but fortunately it does succeed.

Through the opening track Hold Me, Daniel proves to be fluid and flexible with the guitar in tow. It begins mild, continuously grows in size – the backing strings really being a key contributing factor – and builds to a grand conclusion.

The title track is a gripping piece, with Daniel pulling us in with a warm yet still commanding harmony, whilst The Weather is catchy in its rhythm and lyrically captivating.

Imagining Love is an excellent 7 minute song which is very minimal and quite hushed throughout, with Daniel’s voice and writing taking full jurisdiction here. An utterly astonishing way to finish.

And with that, we have a supremely wonderful EP on our hands here that further validates Daniel Docherty as a magical talent who is more than worthy of gracing larger stages if given the proper notice that he warrants.




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