REVIEW | Speaking In Shadows – Black Rhino


A number of months ago, Midland rockers Speaking In Shadows made the dispiriting announcement that after 8 years on the grind, they would be calling it a day. A real shame for sure that personally left us gutted, but in a more positive light, at least they would be going out in style with a final EP – Black Rhino.

We get a serene piano-based intro, from where the sound of guitars gradually become more audible as the band launch into the snappy Phantoms On Film, notable for a memorable chorus and a brazen solo among the mix.

Business truly picks up with Wait For Me, due to a brash, forcible sound and noteworthy lyrics that not only ring in the ears but are also awfully fun to sing along to. Drawstring is the most moderate of the tracks on offer, and it is just bursting with overwhelming emotion; owed to the high quality writing.

The boys hold nothing back in the multiple barrages of energy throughout the course of That Boundless Darkness, and they provide one last rush in the riff-loaded closing number Envoi, where Adam gives it his all on the vocals.

Speaking In Shadows’ conclusive record is a brilliant assemblage of tight songs that both excite with driving, flowing rhythms and connect with rich lyrical content. In retrospect, it may be their finest work.

Once again, it is sad to see another promising band down – unfortunately, a recurring theme in the underground scene as of late – and we highly recommend catching them on their farewell tour if you have the opportunity to do so.

Support comes from Everything Aside and RXPTRS, plus our old pals in New Horizons and Century Thirteen will be joining them for the Glasgow show.

SIS tour

All the best to the guys in their future endeavours, and here’s hoping we will see them again in some other musical capacity. Don’t want to see those talents go to waste…


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