REVIEW | The Starling Radicals – Promiseland Vol 1

The Starling Radicals Cover Artwork

Okay, so it’s one thing that Cardiff rockers The Starling Radicals chased James Dean Bradfield through a park once upon a time and had their beefs with the outspoken Morrissey, but is there actually anything of substance to these guys beyond those facts? The short answer – yes. The evidence – Promiseland, Vol 1.

Wasting little breath, they deliver rip-roaring riffs in the full frontal and dynamic I’m With Her. Following that is You Make A Mess Of Me with hooking lyrics and again superb guitar work. Afterwards, they fire straight into the wild and rampant Scottish Play, before capping off with the very strong and spirited Heart Of This City.

An excellent EP from start to finish where at no point the pace is killed, for it is consistently entertaining and well worth listening to again and again.

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