REVIEW | The Final Clause Of Tacitus – Not Like The Rest

The Final Clause Of Tacitus - Not Like The Rest EP Cover Artwork

Last year, The Final Clause of Tacitus made a bloody good first impression with their debut EP, Peace In Chaos, which received acclaim left, right and centre, and we quite fancied it too. Now the boys are set to let loose their highly anticipated follow up – Not Like The Rest – on 9th February, but we’ve been given the delightful opportunity for an advanced listen.

Tables Turn is a formidable opener that gets straight into a groove, particularly with its hooking chorus, and they ramp it up to a wild second half. 5 Minutes Of Funk does what it says on the tin, giving us some seriously intoxicating funk all around, and we find it damn difficult to resist chiming along to the words. We have yet to mention that the chords on these tracks are insane, and they certainly become noticeable in Fingerprint.

There are some old school touches in Try Again, and the lyrics are direct and really in-your-face. Bad For Your Health is another furious onslaught, before spicy bass lines commence the closing number Walk On The Moon which wraps up the record well, capping off with a poignant message.

An absolutely cracking sequel to their previous EP, we predict Not Like The Rest will make a colossal impact upon release, being a fun as hell joyride that successfully entertains in more or less every way.

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