REVIEW | The Dunts – Not Working Is Class


Yet another young and upcoming act to emerge from Glasgow that have been fast to make a name for themselves, punk rock quartet The Dunts justify their preceding hype with their debut EP – Not Working Is Class.

They launch with the zippy Tommy, setting a high level of excitement straight off the bat courtesy of a hectic rhythm, and they keep the pace going with Coalition Of Chaos, which has a sweet, memorable chorus and prime writing on display.

They screech to a sudden halt before moving onto Hampden Cabs, where the fuzzy riffs are a joy, and they exhilarate one final time with the bass-steered Dimitri.

In under 10 minutes, they provide a rush so sharp and intense that you will probably need a cigarette afterwards. If this record is anything to go by, we seriously can’t wait to catch them at New Year’s Revolution in January.

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