REVIEW | Spinning Coin – Permo


Less than a week ago, we listened in to Vic Galloway’s show on BBC Radio Scotland, and it was then we were exposed to one of Glasgow’s brightest shining quintets – Spinning Coin – hot off releasing their debut album, Permo!

Commencing it is Raining On Hope Street, encompassing serene vocals from Rachel and tender riffs that suck us in very quickly, before we get a change of tone with Tin, which flaunts a lot more energy, and adds an extra dose of power to the guitars and drums. The lead single Money For Breakfast is a draw with its fine writing; an aspect that further improves in the following track Money Is A Drug.

After the mellow paced Metronome River is our personal highlight – Magdalene – featuring a swinging blues feel that is thoroughly rousing, and then out of nowhere, they skyrocket to a breakneck onslaught of madness that almost leaves you breathless. In contrast is the charming Floating With You, where they bring it back to a smooth demeanor.

They continue to entertain over the course of the second half, which is admittedly not as strong yet still engages with songs including SidesStarry Eyes and I Feel The Need To Be An Actor.

Permo is an incredible assortment of short, to the point tunes with frequently altering sounds that keep the record fresh and encourage multiple listens, a fact that rings true to ourselves already at this point.

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