REVIEW | Sapienn – A Black Sarcasm


With all the immensely talented musicians currently in Glasgow, it’s a real shame that Scott Simpson – more widely known as Sapienn – isn’t getting enough attention. He first impressed us with his Hours Of Despair EP last year, and now he has further validated himself with A Black Sarcasm.

Throughout the tracks, especially in stand outs like Everything Is Spiders, Cognitive Bias and Chase You Down, it becomes clear that the key strength of Scott is in his writing, which engages with its frank sincerity. Not only that, but his vocals are consistently crisp and he is pretty competent with the acoustic guitar in tow.

Are there moments where it gets repetitive? Absolutely, but the aforementioned aspects bind this album together so well, that this minor downfall can be forgiven, and we thoroughly recommend it as a whole.

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