REVIEW | Rosie Bans – Identify Yourself


Another Scottish artist with a success story to boost as of late. Rosie Bans‘ campaign to fund her first full-length record was a triumph, smashing the target twofold and then some. Still warm off the press, Identify Yourself is evidently worth every patron’s penny.

The first pair of tracks Instincts and No Apologies are defined by hip rhythms with fabulous bass lines and neat guitars. Rosie is adept at the helm of the keyboard as always and her harmonies are on slick form. There is some enjoyable writing present in the awfully nice Home and Kindess, whilst the low-key Loneliness Or Love is gripping.

Bloodline is a notable highlight with its interesting basis and a striking use of instruments involved here. London, No Danger and It’s Been Nice have top notch melodies and torrents of energy thrown in that take the breath away, and the compilation finishes off nicely with the inspiring Doing It For The Love.

The charismatic redhead initially hooked us in as fans 2 years ago with her Process EP, and we are so proud of what she has accomplished since then, especially this album, which is a simply terrific product.

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