REVIEW | Rayne – Complex By Design

thumbnail_Rayne Complex By Design Artwork

Having formed over two decades ago, Sunderland rock trio Rayne have a fair amount of experience behind them, so it would be natural to assume that their talents would be refined by this stage and that their material would be of a high quality. Well, that just happens to be the case with their Complex By Design LP.

A thumping beat welcomes us to the electrifying Subject A, and the buzz rolls on into Dolorous, donning a tenacious chorus and memorable writing. Chemicals establishes a grand, immersive sound, with the background pianos adding an extra layer.

They keep the momentum wheeling with the hooking, guitar-driven Great Burden and the passionate lead single Opportunity For Progress. Ben gets his true shining moment in Love, Live, Learn, before they chill the tempo down for Human Imitation, a magnetic finale with a gripping melody.

We were promised something great with this record, and great it is. A profoundly enthralling product across the board.

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