REVIEW | Mt Doubt – Moon Landings

mt doubt

My, my, haven’t we been spoiled this year? Not one, but two EPs this year from Mt Doubt (make that three if you count their Scottish Fiction split with Foreignfox). Following on from The Loneliness Of The TV Watchers a few months ago, Leo and gang are back with Moon Landings.

We get composed harmonies and a nifty, underlying sound carrying through Teeming, and Conduits is etched by charming, cordial tenor. Mouthwash picks up the pace to provide an upbeat number, likewise with the equally peppy Shy Distance, before they tone it down again for the celestial title number which gradually grows in size before unleashing into a burst of power.

With a few listens already under our belt, this is a really solid effort that is a much welcome addition to Mt Doubt’s continuously flourishing library.

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