REVIEW | Killer Whale – Everyone You Know Someday

killer whale - everyone you know someday (pre-release copy) - cover

Last year Dougie Smith – widely known as the frontman of Mickey 9’s – was working on his own solo project under the guise of Killer Whale, which he has kept under wraps until recently, as he has started to unveil the result in the form of Everyone You Know Someday.

This is Dougie like we’ve never seen him before, as we are more familiar with him as a kooky yellow-coated masked man jumping around on stage – don’t get us wrong, we freaking love him for it – and it is fresh to see him in a different light here, tackling multiple themes in a delicate fashion.

Forgive Your Enemies calmly eases us in nicely, and Something Like That quite a good beat to it. Aurora Borealis is warm, welcoming and very pleasant, and transitioning into Our Father, the emotions really start to push through and becomes truly spotlighted in the subsequent track Lampedusa.

The lead single Women is utterly tranquil and magnetic, and the same can be the said for Human Dreaming. Losing My Faith has such a euphoric sound that sends tingles all over, before pacifying and taking it down for the empathetic La Poverta, assuredly the focal point of Dougie’s writing ability.

Out of left field, Prison Cell Vibes goes for a somewhat more berserk tone, after which the record ends on an affirmate note courtesy of the latching Blessed. We are very impressed with what Dougie has delivered here, which has made a greater impact on us than we could have ever predicted. This is special.

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