REVIEW | Kerbera – People Like You


Kerbera have been growing a reputation as one of Sweden’s go-to rock acts, and it’s certainly easy to judge why when you check out their latest album – People Like You.

A standard is set with The Switchblade Song, featuring excellent vocals and a thrilling pace. From Hero To Villain is hailed by a big drop, and the drumming packs a punch in Four Chambers.

An Absence has a grittier sound it, especially with whopping guitars and snares on display. Oceans is one of the suppler offerings on the record and has some nice lyrics. The chief track Love Like A Loaded Gun has a sheer energy driving it, with all members at their A-game, and it’s topped off with a blistering chorus. They retain these elements in equally surging Your Presence Like Air and Fire’s Purpose Is To Burn.

The power levels are cranked up to the nth degree with Nothing Is Truly Dead, the writing connects in Funeral Plans ,and finally the climatic number Cathedral is headed by cool electronics that boot up the already epic sound, closing off a fantastic album that reflects the talents of a band whose stature is perfectly justified.

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